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Monika Zechetmayr

Monika Zechetmayr
Australian Landscape Painter

Monika's Story

I have had 24 solo and some 65+ group exhibitions.

My works are in India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, and the Philippines and, maybe elsewhere.

 Since 1985 I exhibited in the USA, Spain and later in Australia.

 I had 4 feature articles, 3 requisitions overseas and received 8 awards (if interested, I’ll send an art vitae \ via the internet).

How did this all happen?

Growing up in Munich, Bavaria, travelling widely, my parents ensured that I enjoyed a rainbow exposure to all forms of art. I was surrounded by it. Thus I studied science instead.

Nevertheless, after I received a M.Sc. in the USA and Ph.D. in Canada and started my University career (in the USA, later continued and ended in Australia) for stress release painting became a major activity. I never stopped, applying myself on canvas, silk, wood, creating jewelery, and I later also engaged in ceramic creations at TAFE where I ended up with a degree of Arts & Design.

My Philosophy

Like the travels of my personal and work life, my art always evolves. It is reflected in fresh expressions, or I return to an old “theme” with a new twist. I apply different styles to articulate perspectives which combine both my scientific and expressive thinking.

Once I was told that an artist had to have “a single signature”. I disagree. As science and knowledge develop, one’s artistic style is part of an evolutionary process. We think, see, hear, feel, experience and grow. Our brainmaps need to be challenged and expanded, flexibly replacing old ideas. This leads to changing mental image-creations. An image leads to actions. Actions are the product of mental activity. Painting and drawing the same style repetetively is, for me, deadening, not creativity. Thus, I enjoy the search for new ideas. I am on a journey to widen my mental and physical horizon to gain new insights.

My works are abstract and also expressionistic in style. They have an affinity with Earth and all landforms. These images appear as drawings or paintings. With landscapes, I am drawn to the Australian outback’s colours and the contrasts of ocean and land which are reflected in my aerial paintings.

Drawings, like the Pinnacles (in Western Australia) or the “Ladies” are “playful” in character. The latter are the results of a series called “Celebrating Women” which originated while I was a Tasmanian Women’s Consultative Council member to the Minister of the Status of Women from 1996 – 2000. (Many were also done in porcelain).

These women depict that women can be all they want to be. The pointed mouth indicates their ability to rise above issues. Their colourful appearances are a sign of timeless joy and delight in living and exhilaration in inspiring innovations, women’s meaningful resourcefulness within each one.


The works on this web site are just a few of many: viewing can be arranged via the address on the Contact page.

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